ZOOMA Training Update: 1 month to Go!

ZOOMA florida

Holy cow – there’s only about a month left until ZOOMA Florida! Time flies. As we get closer to the race, those long runs keep getting longer – and more intimidating! ZOOMA has teamed up with 1st Place Sports for a 10 mile training run on January 3. I’ll be there along with my other ambassadors, so that we can all tackle double digits together! RSVP here.

Remember how I said last week that I suck at sticking to a training plan? Well, this week I actually got in all of my runs as planned. I know – time to die of shock.

Tuesday – Quick run around the ‘hood 3.25 m in a hair under 35 minutes. I was hangry the entire time, so it was a little bit miserable.

Wednesday – Fartleks because I enjoy torturing myself. I covered about 4 miles including warm-up and cooldown, but the entire time I was miserable.

  • 6:00 @ 9:43
  • 3:00 walk
  • 5:00 @ 9:21
  • 2:30 walk
  • 4:00 @ 10:17
  • 2:00 walk
  • 3:00 @ 9:22
  • 1:30 walk
  • 2:00 @ 9:14
  • 1:00 walk
  • 1:00 @ 8:30
  • 0:30 walk

Saturday – A quick 2.56 mile jaunt around the neighborhood before heading off to do family stuff. I completely and totally dragged ass on this run. That seemed to be the theme of the week.

Sunday – FINALLY a good one! I got in 8 very solid miles in 1:30:53 (a 11:22 average pace). I kept it easy and did 4/1 intervals since they seem to be agreeing with my lately.

After last week, I have about 40 miles left until my goal of 500 miles for the year. Looks like I’ll be kickin’ it up a notch to achieve that in the last two weeks of 2014!

Haven’t signed up for ZOOMA Florida in gorgeous Amelia Island yet? Use code ‘DEVON15’ for 10% off any ZOOMA Florida distance!

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