ZOOMA Florida: 9.5 Weeks Out

I know. I totally missed my last update. But no one except me (and maybe my mom) probably noticed, so whatever.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks! In my last update, I mentioned how I wanted to increase the distance of my midweek runs. I’ve been somewhat successful at that, but the conference I went to in Destin last weekend killed any chance of a long run. I know, failing to plan is planning to fail, blah blah. I got it. I understand. My endurance has struggled on long runs, which is why I made the plan to increase midweek runs to the 4-6 mile range instead of 3ish miles.

Here’s how that’s fledged out:

Monday – 4 strong miles through the ‘hood

Tuesday – 8×400 and drunk Runkeeper ate my times 🙁

Wednesday – Sunday – Lazy/Bad Planning/Conference

Monday – 5 speedy miles through the neighborhood. This run felt really strong!

Tuesday – 2.32 miles in Austin, TX!

<3 Austin

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Today – Rest

Tomorrow – I plan on getting up and getting a run in before we head back to Florida.

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