Taps Bar & Grill

Happy Friday! It’s been a long, sleepless week & I’m needing a lot of coffee this morning. Lately, Fridays have been requiring more coffee than Mondays. Could it be because of Thirsty Thursdays? Who knows.

Last night Brandon & I went to a delicious locally owned restaurant near our house thanks to some entertainment book coupons from Ashlee. We discovered Taps Bar & Grill shortly after moving into our house last summer & it quickly became one of our favorite nearby places. The menu serves up what I like to call dressed up bar food – ahi tuna, paninis, wings, gorgonzola steak salads, buffalo chicken wraps, flatbreads, etc:

& an impressive beer selection. I appreciate bars that serve microbrews & imports on tap:


I also love how Taps always seems to have at least one local Jacksonville beer. Typically, it’s Intuition Ale Works’ I-10 IPA, but Bold City Brewery’s Dukes Brown Ale makes quite a few appearances on their board as well. Jacksonville has a great emerging local beer scene & it’s nice to see local restaurants & beers supporting the movement.

Brandon went for the Cheeseburger Wrap, no Cheese:


Their french fries are amazing. I’m practically a french fry connoisseur & these were delightful. Love my fries with skin on them & not too salty & perfectly seasoned.

& I strayed from my usual Gorgonzola Steak Salad & instead ordered the Baja Chicken Salad:


I wasn’t expecting fried chicken on top of my salad, but I was pleasantly surprised by it. Crispy, with light breading & a hint of buttermilk. I’m a fan.
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Devon Stiles


  1. Looks yummy! Adrian still wears his Bold City tshirt all the time. It reminds me of our baking extravaganza 🙂

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  3. I’ve seen this place before but I’ve never gone in. It’s real close to my house too. I think I might try it based on your review. I’m so glad that I found your blog. Apparently we live close to each other and it’s good to get reviews from someone local to me especially since I’m not from here. Your blog is awesome by the way and I love the way you speak, well type. Keep up the good work!!

    • Thanks, Dennis! I used to live down off 210 (and went to Taps all the time), but I’m in Riverside/Avondale now.

      • I was going to go last week because they had live music but decided to go to sangrias in saint Augustine instead. Maybe this weekend though

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