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I have a quarterly girl’s night dinner with three of my fantastic friends, and this quarter’s just happened to fall on the opening week of Sbraga & Co. – the new restaurant from Chef Kevin Sbraga (you might remember him from Top Chef) at Unity Plaza. 

We started off the meal with the bread board. The salted butter and fennel jam accompanied pretzel bites, corn bread, whole grain bread (made with grains from Intuition!), and last but very not least – the best fucking biscuit I have ever tasted. All four of us may have ordered extra biscuits to-go, but that can’t be confirmed since all evidence has been destroyed.

Years ago, I used to work in the Everbank Building on Riverside. From my office on the 12th floor, we’d look out at the land they were digging up that is now Unity Plaza and try to imagine the final product. I couldn’t quite picture it back then, but the result is a lovely space. It’s fun to see the whole project finally come to fruition.
sbraga and co new york strip

The menu is structured to very communal-style when you order. The Large Plates are easily shareable between two people, and there’s a variety of crops to accompany your entrees. Liz and I split the New York Strip and the cauliflower (without the ham socks, since Liz is allergic to pork). I love my steak and my veggies with a nice char on them!

sbraga and co cauliflower

Both we mouthwatering, but the steak came slightly rarer than either of us preferred.  I’d rather have undercooked than overcooked when it comes to steak any day though. Who wants to eat a hockey puck?
sbraga and co molasses cake  And then there was dessert – I picked the chocolate molasses cake with pecan pumpkin ice cream and buttermilk caramel. The cake is super dense from the molasses and it really soaked up the ice cream and caramel. I’m normally not a huge fan of cold pumpkin things, as typically they’re overdone with the fake flavoring. This ice cream was subtle and the flavor combination with the molasses cake was rich and delicious.

Their brunch menu looks awesome, so I can’t wait to go back and give that a try.

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