I started running in 2007 as a way to get in shape after college. Back then, I never in a million years imagined that I’d run 3 miles, much less become addicted to distance running.

Now I have 11 half-marathons, 4 Gate River Runs, a 12k, a 10k, the MS Mud Run, a marathon relay, a 6k, the Tour de Pain, & multiple 5ks under my belt. Crazy how life works out sometimes. I mostly talk about running over on my DailyMile account, if you’re interested in following my training (or lack thereof).

Here’s the races I’ve done since starting this blog:

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  1. How did you get the motivation to start running? I really want to “become a runner”, but I feel like I don’t ever have the time to go out and run.

    • Jane,

      I got motivated to start running when I graduated college. I used the Couch to 5k program & I love it! Great program to become a runner!

  2. I began my running dreams after being chased by bigfoot in the southern jungle known as “Florida”. It was a strange time… Bigfoot was beefin with Sasquatch, Full on turf wars.. I was prank calling both of them… Started an urban war without even realizing it. The fuzzy bunnies were selling their “goodluck” to any critter that had the right amount of frogskins. I mean damn, even the squirels were in on the action. Everything escalated quickly. If I could go back.. I would’ve left that super glue on Sasquatches toilet tree stump instead of the honey and peanut butter. Horrific things I saw that day.(He had a dog) Anyways, this is how I started running. And I haven’t looked back since. Running from these “Jacksonville” creatures was quite the intro to running. It carried into later years with really pissed fathers and or husbands chasing after me. I am soooo glad I never stopped. I mean, could you imagine if I wasn’t able to run from that ….. wait. I’ll keep this PG. K

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