Photography Boot Camp Week XI: Your Daily Environment

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This week’s lesson isn’t exactly complicated. It’s all about creating a visual record of your day to tell a story. That’s all. It’s something bloggers are very familiar with, but I think very few do it well. I see so many flat, boring photos on blogs (mine included – which is why I started this journey) that don’t tell a story at all. So I decided to document my entire Saturday. Well, my Saturday starting just after I made my cup of coffee – I can’t accomplish anything before coffee. It just doesn’t happen.

With all that in mind, let’s take a moment to discuss technical perfection in photography vs. emotional perfection. While one photo may have perfect composition, lighting, depth of field, clarity, etc… It may be lacking any sort of emotional connection to that particular day, moment, event. On the other hand, a photo that’s lacking in technical perfection can be emotionally perfect because it tells a story & evokes the memory of that moment in time. Which do you prefer?

Next week? The last lesson… Camera Accessories.

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Devon Stiles

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  1. Yeah, coffee. I can relate to first action of every day is to put my kettle on the stove. Great ideas about documenting days, sometimes we/I get so wrapped up in the food that I forget about everything else. I’ve gotten to know some really cool people through blogging so I think it’s important that we get out there as well as our dishes 🙂

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