Photography Boot Camp Week X: Landscapes

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When I was in Europe last summer, I took approximately 5 million landscape photographs. Sadly, a lot of them sucked because my composition was terrible. Too much going on. Not enough focus. Now I want to go back to Europe since I’ve learned how to actually use my camera. I’m sure I’d love my pictures that much more.

Example: I love this picture from Paris.

It was taken along the Champs-Élysées & I think it’s beautiful… except… That big, black metal object front & center. Sigh.

So what did I learn this week?

  • High f/stop! Around f/22 to have everything nice & in focus.
  • Low ISO for more clarity in pictures.
  • Pay attention to the horizon when composing shots.
  • Locate a focal point to give the picture some depth & perspective.

This lesson came just in time for my latest trip to San Francisco & I thankfully had the chance to snap some rooftop shots. The building is located in an awesome spot, as you can see:

Views of the Golden Gate, the bay  & Alcatraz? Love it.

Next week? Daily Environment!

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