Photography Boot Camp Week 7: Shooting Outdoors

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Hi there. I’m still confused from the mid-week holiday & I almost forgot to do my Photography lesson. Whoops!

This week’s lesson focused on shooting outdoors. If you’ve ever taken a picture outside in bright light, it can be tricky trying to get a good result. Often the photos end up with overexposed hot spots & harsh shadows, which isn’t visually appealing. I know that I’ve looked at photos & been really disappointed with how they looked. I always thought “But there’s so much light! They should look great!” Yeah. Not so much. This project has definitely taught me that not all light is created equal.

So here’s what I learned this week:

  • In bright situations, try to find some shade. If shade is unavailable, use a fill flash to eliminate harsh shadows.
  • Arrange subjects so light comes in at a side angle.
  • Protect my equipment! I’m headed to buy a UV haze filter today to protect my lens from scratches & prevent a dull haze from pollutants.
  • The Macro mode on my DSLR isn’t a true macro mode like it is on a point & shoot – it just prepares the camera for using a macro lens.

This week’s challenge involved shooting in macro mode. Here’s the result:

What do you think?

Next week? Shooting Moving Objects!


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