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I know lately that this has been more of a horse blog than anything else.  Last week Anthony and I took a trip up to Philadelphia to see his daughters. While we were there, we did some sight-seeing and a lot of eating and drinking. Unfortunately, since I’ve strayed from my food blogger ways, I don’t tote around a DSLR in my purse anymore (my shoulders and neck thank me). Due to that, I often forget to snap pics of everything I eat and drink, so I apologize in advance. I did remember to get a few memorable pics though.

The Continental Midtown

Since Anthony is originally from the area, I let him pick everything out. On Wednesday morning, we went to the Devon Horse Show and on our way back to the hotel, we made a stop at The Continental Midtown for a late lunch.

We started out with some shoestring fries.

The Continental Midtown French Fries

Yes, that’s one order. No, we did not eat it all. We also ordered Thai Chicken Skewers and Rad Na. The skewers came with jasmine rice and peanut sauce and were pretty standard for what you’d expect.

But the Rad Na… I really wish I’d taken a picture of it. It was glorious with it’s chopped chicken, crisp romaine, wide chow fun noodles, and peanuts. I think my favorite part of the dish was the hint of butter I tasted. Such a delicious and surprising element to the dish.

Jim’s Cheesesteaks

It’s not a trip to Philly if you don’t get a cheesesteak, right? I know there’s tons of debate on who has the best, and I don’t have an opinion on that as I haven’t tried them all.

Jim's Cheesesteaks

All I can say is that I thought the idea of Cheez-Whiz on a cheesesteak sounded vile.

I was wrong.

I ordered mine with provolone. Anthony ordered his with Cheez-Whiz and onions. I ate half of his and have been fantasizing about it ever since.

Beer Me

While up in PA, I tried a few local beers that I really liked. First was the Sweet Baby Jesus by DuClaw. The name is so incredibly accurate because this chocolate peanut butter porter is incredible. I’m pretty sure I heard angels sing when I took the first sip. Unfortunately because it’s such a heavy beer, I could only handle one before being too full to drink much else.

The second beer I really liked was Tröegs Mad Elf. Watch out, because this naughty little elf is 11% ABV and will put you on your ass real quick. While it’s a Belgian Strong Dark Ale, it has delicious hints of cherries, honey, cocoa, cinnamon, cloves, and allspice. I predominantly tasted the cherries.

And before we left town, my friend Krissie let us know about the Hammer of Glory kicking off Philly Beer Week. The Hammer of Glory is kind of like the Olympic Torch. It’s a relay around bars and pubs in the surrounding area. We managed to catch up with it at The Kite and Key:


Once again, Philly was a ton of fun. Such an underrated city!

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  1. I’m a little disappointed that you didn’t eat all the shoestring fries… I’ve never heard of Rad Na, but from what you describe I need to find it. ASAP.

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