Pele’s Wood Fire

You can read my review of their breakfast service here.

In what was once an old pharmacy at the corner of King & Park, Pele’s Wood Fire is now stirring up quite a buzz on Twitter as a hot new restaurant to try in Jacksonville:

My friend Megan scored an invite to the soft o

pening of their new lunch hours & invited me to tag along. Of course, I said yes. The interior of the restaurant had a modern European feel & played on the fiery colors of roasted items it’s menu boasts:

We started with the cheese plate (that was anything but standard):

After analyzing the menu, which ranged from salads to fire pressed sandwiches to pizzas, I eventually decided on the Pesto Goat Cheese Pizza (sans tomatoes.. you know how I  feel about tomatoes):

Topped with pesto, goat cheese, fire roasted peppers, artichokes & chicken, this pizza’s unique flavor is sure to spur insatiable cravings in the near future. The only tiny problem with the pizza is it had entirely too much flour on the bottom part of the crust. A kink I’m sure will be straightened out very soon.

Megan ordered the half Prime Rib sandwich with a side salad:

Yes, that’s a half. Yes, those are pickles. Yes, it was good. With gorgonzola, onions, roasted tomatoes & thick, crusty bread, this Prime Rib sandwich aimed to please.

& of course… We had dessert. When someone asks me if I want White Chocolate Cheesecake (with a side of chocolate mousse), I say yes:

Oh what’s that? You’re giving us Zeppole (aka fried goodness) too?

With dipping sauces?


Overall, Pele’s Wood Fire was an impressive display of out of the ordinary offerings. Their style is refreshing & I’m sure it’ll be a hit with the Riverside/Avondale crowd. Now that I’m moving to the area, I’m sure it’ll be on my list of frequented hot spots.
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