I eat lunch at my desk a lot… like most days a week a lot. And contrary to popular belief, I don’t like every meal to be battered, deep-fried and wrapped with bacon, so I often find myself opting for salads and sandwiches at lunch. We all know that can get boring rather quickly, so I’m glad my office is surrounded by tons of options on both Southside and St Johns Town Center. While I’ve been aware of it’s presence since it opened, I hadn’t tried tossgreen yet. I’d either forget about it or wind up somewhere else, but it’s been on my to-try list for ages.


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A Look at the 2014 The PLAYERS Championship Food

17th green at TPC Sawgrass

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year here in Jacksonville: The PLAYERS Championship Week! The sun is shining, birds are chirping, Adam Scott and I are in the same metropolitan area, and some of the city’s best restaurants and food trucks have joined forces to serve up some delicious dining options at the tournament. Just like last year, I had the opportunity to stop by TPC Sawgrass to try some of the food in advance. And let me tell you, nothing beats The PLAYERS Championship food this year.

the players championship food

Because there are so many options, I’m just going to give you a quick rundown. I mean, I could write like a 12-part series on this, but I know no one cares to read that much nor do I really have to time to do that. So here’s your quick guide to all the food hot spots at this year’s tournament:

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Whole Foods Wine Thursday Twitter Tasting

A few weeks ago, Whole Foods contacted me about a fun, new event they were hosting that involved a Twitter tasting of some delicious and affordable Italian wines. Naturally, I said yes and invited a few girlfriends over to take part and tweet up a little storm.

And since no wine tasting is complete without complementary foods, we put together this fantastic spread (with some help from Cabot):

Abby made homemade donuts:

And I gave my Honey Grilled Cheese a first go-round:

And unfortunately, I dropped my iPhone in the sink while doing dishes before the event. Womp womp. At least I have awesome friends who are pretty good at tweeting stuff when my phone is in a bag of rice!

Details On the Wines

Caposaldo Pinot Grigio $11.99 White fruit, cut flowers and intriguing mineral aromas are on the nose followed by kiwi tartness balanced by mellow honeydew notes. The finish is dry, crisp and crowd-pleasing.

Monrosso Chianti $13.99

Lavender and cranberry aromas blend in this soft, rich ruby red wine. Gentle tannins, abundant fruit, and a well-balanced finish characterize this textbook Chianti.

Verrazzano Rosso $15.99

This red has complex aromas of fresh fruits and violets followed by Tuscan herbs, black currant and pomegranate flavors that move to a smooth finish.

Presto Prosecco $10.99

This sparkler has orange blossom aromas and honey notes. Frisky flavors of apple and citrus bubble to the front and then make room for the light fresh finish.

Of the wines, the unanimous favorite was the Presto Prosecco (shocking, I know). And at $10.99, this is definitely going to be on go-to list!

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