Whole Foods Wine Thursday Twitter Tasting

A few weeks ago, Whole Foods contacted me about a fun, new event they were hosting that involved a Twitter tasting of some delicious and affordable Italian wines. Naturally, I said yes and invited a few girlfriends over to take part and tweet up a little storm.

And since no wine tasting is complete without complementary foods, we put together this fantastic spread (with some help from Cabot):

Abby made homemade donuts:

And I gave my Honey Grilled Cheese a first go-round:

And unfortunately, I dropped my iPhone in the sink while doing dishes before the event. Womp womp. At least I have awesome friends who are pretty good at tweeting stuff when my phone is in a bag of rice!

Details On the Wines

Caposaldo Pinot Grigio $11.99 White fruit, cut flowers and intriguing mineral aromas are on the nose followed by kiwi tartness balanced by mellow honeydew notes. The finish is dry, crisp and crowd-pleasing.

Monrosso Chianti $13.99

Lavender and cranberry aromas blend in this soft, rich ruby red wine. Gentle tannins, abundant fruit, and a well-balanced finish characterize this textbook Chianti.

Verrazzano Rosso $15.99

This red has complex aromas of fresh fruits and violets followed by Tuscan herbs, black currant and pomegranate flavors that move to a smooth finish.

Presto Prosecco $10.99

This sparkler has orange blossom aromas and honey notes. Frisky flavors of apple and citrus bubble to the front and then make room for the light fresh finish.

Of the wines, the unanimous favorite was the Presto Prosecco (shocking, I know). And at $10.99, this is definitely going to be on go-to list!

Honey Apple Grilled Cheese

Honey Apple Grilled Cheese

Have you ever had a day where you just want to hang out in bed with a good book and a grilled cheese sandwich? Whenever I feel this way, it’s usually a rainy day and I don’t feel like doing much of anything, so making any sort of elaborate meal is out of the question. The simplicity of a grilled cheese is awesome, and there’s a certain nostalgia factor associated with this comfort food.

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Pele’s Wood Fire Welcomes a New Chef

Pele's Wood Fire Happy Hour Menu

Another Pele’s Wood Fire post? Sure why not. Look, it’s not rocket science: You invite me to eat amazing food for free, I’ll do it. And I’ll take pictures of it. I’m a shameless food blogger like that, and Pele’s Wood Fire has got my number. So when they invited me and some of my fellow food blogging friends to come by, meet new Executive Chef Bradley Kennett, and try his concoctions, who was I to say no?

Come on. Like you would say no to Roasted Peach Risotto topped with a big ol’ seared scallop.

Pele's Wood Fire Roasted Peach Risotto


Exactly. Didn’t think so.

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Let’s Chat About Food (Trucks)

Y’all know I love food.

I mean, it’s kind of the reason I started this whole blog in the first place. Not much beats the taste of an amazing taco, a perfectly cooked filet mignon, or a red velvet cupcake. And that’s what I want to talk about today.

I also love Jacksonville. Man, this city can be awesome, but it can also be all kinds of backwards sometimes (exhibit A). And lately, our leaders and some of our local business owners have their heads shoved up their asses. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve heard about the piece of local legislation that essentially paralyzes food trucks from doing business in our city. Yesterday, local food truck supporters and owners amassed  at City Hall to express their right to fight for the food vendors they love. 

What ensued was a battle of he said/she said: Food truck supporters blamed restaurant owners and vice versa. Many forgot that our leaders were the ones behind this proposed legislation (although their motives? Who knows) and in turn, were pointing fingers in so many directions. What killed me was the hypocrisy of it all: small business owners accusing other small business owners for ruining their business.

No, your restaurant isn’t failing because of food trucks. Your restaurant is (probably) failing because the food sucks. Good food is good food regardless of venue. If the food is good, it speaks for itself and people will come (even if it is overpriced – people will still pay for it if it’s that good). That’s what matters.

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 10.07.49 AM

Does food taste better out of a truck? No, of course not. I’ve tasted some crappy food come out of a food truck in my day, but I’ve also had some life-changing food as well. Food trucks are an economical and efficient way to feed people, and for some like Corner Taco, it’s been a stepping stone to opening a brick and mortar spot.

Does food fried in a Mom and Pop fryer taste better than something you can pick up at a drive-thru? I love me some Beach Road Chicken Dinners, but Chick-Fil-A is awesome too. That’s why they’re both successful businesses – they have delicious food.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying we shouldn’t support local business owners or that we should only eat at certain places. My food philosophy has always been simple: eat what you love.  It just sucks when our palates get bogged down in politics.

Le Bar @ Bistro Aix


With all the new restaurant news floating around Jacksonville, did you know that Bistro Aix remodeled their bar area and private dining room? They finished it recently, and invited me to stop by to check it out. Last weekend, Austin and I took them up on their offer and enjoyed a nice date night. We were greeted by friendly bartenders and sipped on champagne while we looked over the menu. My favorite feature of the redesigned space was the unique chalkboard map wine menu:

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