My New Best Friend

For months I’ve been coveting it.

For months I’ve been watching the sales.

For months I’ve been telling myself no.

But yesterday, I found the perfect sale & finally told myself yes.

I bought a Keurig!


But seriously, I couldn’t say no to this deal. Kohl’s currently has Keurig’s on sale & a 30% off coupon found its way to me. Yes, that’s right… I paid about $70 for a Keurig Mini Plus. Can’t beat that!

With one cup, I completely fell in love this morning. I cannot wait to try all of the sample cups it came with.


So here’s what I’d like to know: What are your favorite K-Cups? Best places to buy K-Cups? Tips, tricks, suggestions?

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Devon Stiles


  1. My favorite coffee k-cup is Donut Shop. It tastes great over ice as iced coffee too, but I love how strong it is without being bitter.
    I was disappointed with the pumpkin spice one. No matter how small a cup I made, it didn’t taste strong enough.
    I’ve liked the tea cups too to make them as iced tea.

  2. Agreed on Donut Shop. I’ve been rocking it iced lately because that’s how I roll. Seriously it’s the best gift I’ve ever been given. I mean, Starbucks is not pleased, but what can you do. You need to register it and then you get bogo? i think? i forget.. like 3 boxes free? Andddd the hot apple cider plus alcohol = happiness.

  3. I really liked the donut shop samples too.

    I also bought a reusable filter so I can still use my own favorite ground coffee (and not always be wasteful with the k-cups 🙂 ) It was like $15 online and works great!

  4. Go get the little filter so you buy a big pack of coffee you love and make individual cups of it — the one I have was 14.99 at BB&B and is such a money-saver!

  5. I love your blog!! How did you get a 30% off coupon? Someone I know has a friend that gets them too. Do you have to have a Kohls credit card? Thanks! 🙂

    • Thanks, Tracey! My mom got the 30% off coupon in the mail. She has a Kohl’s card & passes along the coupons to me. If you like Kohls on FB, they post a lot of coupons there!

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