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Let me start by saying: God Bless the Food Truck Trend.

There’s only two places within walking distance of my office & they’re both delis. Yeah, they’re both good… But sometimes a girl just needs a little variety.

In the Riverwalk parking next door, various food trucks have taken up shop on specific days of the week. Wednesdays just happen to be Monroe’s BBQ Day. I’d had Monroe’s before when we took a client for lunch (we’re classy like that), but I’d yet to try the Food Truck option.

& today, I didn’t want what I brought for lunch. So I headed down the elevator & out the door:


Looks tasty?


The menu consists of typical BBQ fare with budget friendly prices & big portion sizes.


Whenever I’m trying a BBQ place for the first time, I always order the same thing: Pulled Pork sandwich. Pulled pork is the medium with which I judge all BBQ joints – if the pulled pork isn’t good, then I don’t really care about anything else.


The pork was fall-apart tender & juicy & the sweet BBQ sauce satisfied the days-old craving I’ve had. I’m always a fan of sweet potato fries, especially when they’re perfectly crispy like these. Overall, I’d say its the best BBQ I’ve had in Jacksonville (Sorry, Shannon… This was WAY better than Sonny’s).

My only complaint? They didn’t have Diet Coke.
Monroe's Smokehouse Bar-B-Q on Urbanspoon

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Devon Stiles


  1. I’m excited about the Food Trucks that are appearing in Orlando too! It’s about time!
    I just wish they were closer to my job too- our company is in a black hole of food. To get anything but Italian or subs around here (anything decent… I should have qualified) you have to go at least 20 mins. It’s crazy!
    Oh yeah…. I also want bbq now. Bitch. 😉

  2. Hi, Do lots of trucks park there- CAn any food truck park there for that matter… My friends have a truck and I am trying to find them a spot to park.. thanks!

    • I tried them at the Jax Truckies & you’re totally right. They are SO good!

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