Meet Jon Bon Poni

I can’t believe I haven’t posted about him yet!


About a month ago, I bought a miniature horse foal. It was a total impulse decision, but look at that face – how could I not?!

For the longest time now, my trainer and I have been talking about creating an entire farm of adorable mini animals – horses, goats, donkeys, etc. A few months ago, we went to try a pony at a friend’s and she had several mini horses including a few mares in foal. I expressed my interest in buying one once they were born, and now here I am.


His parents, Elvis and Cupcake, the first time I met them. 

Once the babies were born, she let us know that a buyer for one had backed out. I jumped on the chance and we went out that morning to see him. That afternoon, I bought him.


I could die… He was so cute. We started to plan out when we’d bring him to the farm  and how he’d do without his mama. Nature had other plans though.

With Tropical Storm Colin hitting the First Coast, I didn’t want Jon Bon Poni (JBP) to be outside, so Carin and I grabbed him and brought him to her house. Getting him out of the pasture that day was a bit of an ordeal. It was already starting to rain from the storm, and by the time we got him in the truck, we were drenched.


And he’s been a house pony ever since.

This past weekend, Anthony let me bring him home to our house and it was so fun. Yes, I might be covered in little hoof-shaped bruises and got pony nose and neighs in my face at 3AM, but I loved it. I cannot wait to own a farm of my own and have my babies around all the time.

It’s been a hard day.

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I created an Instagram account to follow Jon Bon Poni’s adventures and by popular demand, a Facebook page as well. Hope you keep up with him there!

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Devon Stiles


  1. How am I just seeing this now? Damn you Feedly sucking at life!! I’ve been dying over all the photos you keep posting on FB and IG and it makes me want to get one of my own. I’m so jealous and so excited for you!

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