Jax Breakfast Heaven – Beach Diner

Whenever my in-laws call & want to get together for breakfast on the weekends, we know where we’ll go – Beach Diner.

Understandably so as the menu boasts breakfast favorites such as eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, hash browns, Corn Beef Hash, French Toast & an array of omelets. In addition to the greasy spoon favorites, the menu also boasts a Mayport Shrimp & Egg Omelet, Catfish, Eggs & Grits & a full lunch menu.


Did I mention the coffee? I’m not sure what they do to their coffee, but it’s incredible. It’s just a plain cup of coffee, but it has such a rich, smooth taste (in case you wanted to know, I like my coffee with cream & 2 splendas). Nothing bitter about that cup:


There’s something very old-school charming about the advertisements printed on the coffee mugs. Cheesetastic? Sure, but I like it. It makes me appreciate that Beach Diner has been making the same recipes for decades. The family that owns Beach Diner has actually been a major presence in Jacksonville dining for over 50 years.

I opted for the 2 Egg Breakfast with bacon, whole wheat toast, hashbrowns & scrambled eggs. Because I was craving a sandwich, I asked for cheese on my eggs & assembled my craving when my plate arrived at the table:


What sets Beach Diner apart from the rest is by far that amazing, grainy whole wheat bread above (that and the coffee. Did I mention I drank 3 cups?).
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Devon Stiles


  1. Mmmm. breakfast. Breakfast is by far my favorite meal/kind of food. That looks delicious. There’s just something so comforting about a greasy spoon type breakfast every now and then.

  2. MMMMM I haven’t been there in forever. Btw, the last time I was there, I was flirting w/ one of the cooks and he slipped and told me the secret ingredient… its CRACK! Yes.. so thaaaaaats why we like it so much.. you need to try that at home..

    I’m thinking I’ll need to swing by there this weekend after the Tour de Pain!

  3. I’ve actually never been there (GASP!). Must add to list. I love Metro Diner, and it looks equally delicious…

  4. I freakin love that place. Their Eggs on the Bayou is amazing & ditto on their coffee…I drink it black it’s so good. There’s an awesome 5 mile loop down at the beach that I run & then reward myself w/the Beach Diner. 😉

  5. 7 times out of 10 if our family (myself, wife, {maddocsdawn},
    & our 6 children (4 boys 2 girls) ages 20, 18, 16, 14, 10, & 8 go out
    for a meal and if they serve breakfast no matter wha time of day
    I’ll order breakfast.

    That being said my 2 favorite breakfast joints are Mimi’s [St. John’s
    Town Center] & Metro Diner .

    Both don’t skimp when it comes to serving size & definitely not
    on flavor.

    You’ll assuredly go home Fat & Happy!

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