Horse Shows in the Park February 2017 – Part 1

After a fairly uneventful schooling day on Friday, Petunia started the morning with some time in the paddock with Splash. Turn out time was followed with a 20-minute lunge in the DeGogue. She went in her stall and started freaking out because she couldn’t see. Eventually calmed down (or maybe just got tired, who knows).

Game face or derp face. Whatever. Photo by @_Cozmic_Wolf_Photos
Eventually got on her and headed to the ring. Went into the schooling ring and went right to work. She was up, but listening. Headed to the ring for our two flat classes. She was much calmer in the hunter under saddle, but not moving her best. We pinned 4/4. Not surprised. She was more up in the Eq flat – which I assume had to do with the shift in weather. We pinned 3/3 because I suck at Eq.
That’s when the insane weather happened. In the span of about half an hour, clouds rolled in, the wind picked up a lot, the temperature dropped at least 10 degrees, and the skies opened up. Cue an antsy horse. We were stuck waiting by the ring in the covered area (so thankfully not getting rained on!) for about an hour in the cold.
We quickly jumped a few jumps and went into the ring for our classes. Before I went in, Anthony made a joke about how I’m really good at nailing the warm up, then screwing up my first trip. I promised I’d try to not continue that streak. Needless to say, I bombed the inside line during my warm up. Womp womp. Went in for my first trip, and Petunia was fantastic. Smart pony landed all her leads! We won that trip.
Second trip was solid, but she was sticky with a lead change. We pinned 2nd.
Our 1st Eq trip was kind of pathetic. Petunia was exhausted, and it showed. I chipped and had a lousy trip, but we made it around. You win some, you lose some. I can’t complain about her being tired, she tried her heart out for me.

Sleepy pony was such a good princess today.

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She thought she should’ve won that round.
Sometime that afternoon, we realized if we opened Petunia’s stall and put up a stall guard, she was a much happier camper and not a psycho trying to rear and look out of her stall or tear it down.
Who would’ve thought?! Happy pony = happy mommy.
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  1. Winner, winner! Petunia looks quite pleased with herself 😀

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