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I should’ve actually titled this post “Whomp Whomp” because that would be more descriptive of our experience.

A week or so ago, an announcement of a new Food Truck came across my company’s intranet. I was instantly excited to see that it was TACOS! I gchatted Ashley & we made a date to give it a try.

Corner Taco is owned & operated by Chris Dickerson, who completed the prestigious Chef’s Apprenticeship program at The Cloister Hotel on Sea Island. Needless to say, we drooled over the menu in anticipation over the next week until that magical Thursday finally arrived.

The airstream trailer where they set up shop is adorable. The line was maybe a dozen people deep & we were immediately concerned to see a half-dozen more people anxiously waiting for their food.

We scoped the menu, which consists of tacos, a taco salad & nachos while we waited our turn to order. After about 25 minutes of waiting, we were finally about to order (consider that complaint #1).


Thankfully, Corner Taco accepts credit & debit cards. Complaint #2: They only had Mexican Coke as a beverage. No Diet Coke. No Tea. Not even bottled water.

After another good 35-40 minutes of waiting, we finally got our food (complaint #3 if you’re keeping track at home). I may be going out on a limb here, but if you’re setting up a food truck in the parking lot of an office complex, you might want to make sure you can get your customers their lunch well under an hour.


I ordered the marinated chicken taco & a carnitas taco. Both came with lime, cilantro, cabbage & a sweet chile-lime sauce on a fresh corn tortilla. Maybe my annoyance was overcoming me, but I didn’t find either to be anything special. Average. The carnitas taco was dry & the chicken was bland.

Color me utterly disappointed.

Oh & I’m still hungry.

See my updated Corner Taco review here.

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Devon Stiles


  1. Hey Devon,

    I am the owner of Corner Taco. I want to thank you for trying us. I truly apologize for your lackluster experience. All of the fault is mine. It was our third day in business and I had no idea what to expect. Food has taken too long and the food is not yet up to my standards. Some people have had to wait even longer than you did. I am well aware that folks are typically coming on a 30 minute to 1 hour lunch break. While the food @ Corner Taco is not typical fast food–we make our tortillas fresh on the truck (1-2 hours prep)–we are working hard to find the right balance of slow food:fast.

    We serve 2 beverages: Mexican Coke (real can sugar as opposed to high fructose corn syrup) and Local (Zephyr Hills) water. I apologize that we had not written Zephyr Hills on the chalkboard. We strive to use local ingredients whenever possible and only serve ingredients that we can pronounce. We make everything from scratch.

    I really hope you will give us a try once we have had a chance to work out our wrinkles. I will work feverishly to constantly improve. My personal cell phone is 904-234-8843. I invite you to call me anytime to let me know what I can do to make coming to Corner Taco one of your favorite experiences.

    Kind Regards,


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