Cool Moose Cafe

One of the most exciting things about my new neighborhood is the plethora of local eateries. Slowly but surely, I fully intended on trying them all one by one & posting about them.

One of my first new discoveries is Cool Moose Cafe.

Situated near the corner of Park & King (opposite corner of Pele’s Wood Fire) this quaint coffeehouse & deli promises “Amazing Food, Wonderful Coffee, Great People” with the chalkboard outside.

I started out with a latte while I looked over the menu.

I’m not sure if it’s because it was made with 1% milk (they don’t have skim) or what, but it was by far the best latte I’ve had since I was in Paris. Creamy, smooth & not at all bitter… I loved it. & the price was right… None of this $5 for a latte Starbucks crap. Cool Moose’s lattes range from $2-3 depending on size.

The menu offers a variety of salads & sandwiches with a couple of soup offerings for that day. Immediately, the Black Forest Ham & Brie sandwich jumped off the menu at me.

That day, one of the soups was Chicken Noodle with mushroom & Megan ordered a cup:

After debating my options, I went with my initial instinct – the Black Forest Ham & Brie Sandwich (I can’t say no to brie. It’s an illness):

& yes, with sweet potato fries. Dusted in cinnamon sugar. I can’t say no to those either.

The ham was sweet & not to salt, & the brie was perfectly creamy. The combination of the ham, cheese, crusty bread & the cinnamon sugar on the fries reminded me somewhat of a Monte Cristo – without all the deep-fried guilt.  

& of course, we ended the meal with a cookie:

Foodwise, the entire meal with excellent & I can’t wait to try one of their huge salads. But next time, I won’t go on a lunch hour from work. Although they weren’t nearly at capacity, the service was slow & what should have been a quick lunch took well over an hour. As a former server & bartender, I appreciate good service. & Cool Moose’s service is severely lacking.

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Devon Stiles


  1. You have to try the egg, cheese and APPLE CHUTNEY (sounds weird, but is so tasty) on croissant. Seriously best thing ever and it’s like $4. I love their blueberry coffee too. It’s so quirky in there, great little neighborhood spot.

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