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At the end of February, I left my beloved Riverside and decided to live in sin with my wonderful boyfriend.

It’s been a great four years, Cherry St ✌🏻️ You’re stuck with me now, @anthonyc.k 😘

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With a new neighborhood comes a new restaurant scene. And in this case, I’m now living in the land of chain restaurants (the horror!). But don’t worry – I haven’t given in (unless you count Capital Grille, which I don’t).

Within a few mile radius of the new house, there are several local restaurants to fulfill my pretentious food bitch needs. For starters, there’s Copper Tap House. I’ll probably dedicate an entire post to them in the future, but I’m mildly obsessed with their chicken nachos and rotating craft beer menu.

Copper Tap House Chicken Nachos

As far as the brunch game goes, The Blind Rabbit scores an A+ for the stellar bottomless mimosas and chicken and waffles:

Blind Rabbit Chicken and Waffles

My super scientific study found that the orange juice to champagne ratio was an impressive 3% orange juice and 97% champagne. Well done, Blind Rabbit.

Y’all… I’ve eaten A LOT of Capital Grille lately. I know… #FirstWorldProblems.

Capital Grille Bar Menu Items

I don’t even like seafood, but I find myself craving their calamari. It’s battered and deep fried, slightly spicy perfection. I’ve never met a truffle fry I didn’t like, and the sliders are killer as well.

Other than eating my face off, I’ve been readjusting to domestic life.


I planted all these green things from Lowe’s a couple of weekends ago, and they haven’t died yet. I’m considering that a huge success based on my history of murdering plants and flowers.

The Princess is as gorgeous and spoiled as ever.

She is SUCH a ham and she loves to show off. I have plenty to say about her, but I’ll save that for another time.

And then there’s this guy…


…who dragged me to Topeka, KS (yeah, I know that’s my birth state). I’d really hoped our first trip together would involve drinks with umbrellas but sometimes work has to come before play. Regardless, he’s still pretty amazing and I could gush about him endlessly 🙂 But I won’t because gross.

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