Wine Tasting 101

It’s no secret that I love wine. But I didn’t always love it. I know, total shocker. Wine is an acquired taste. I started out with light and fruity whites, then eventually learned how much I love a great, dusty cabernet. My taste grew through trying new wines and a trip to Napa Valley. Not sure where you fall on the wine spectrum? Love chardonnay but wanting to branch out? Loyal to California reds but thinking it’s time to give another region a shot? Then give wine tasting a shot.

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Healdsburg Bar & Grill

When I was in Sonoma a few weeks ago, Jonathan & I grubbed out at Healdsburg Bar & Grill after a long day of sipping delicious wine. I know, we have a seriously rough life. You guys know I love Healdsburg. Love. I exclaimed my affections for this adorable little town before.

Nestled in the heart of Healdsburg, among all the fabulous tasting rooms, lies this gem of a spot. We looked at a restaurant or two before we ultimately decided on this one. I liked that it had a decent variety on its menu & the prices weren’t outrageous. I also¬†really loved the fantastic dining patio at Healdsburg Bar & Grill because if given a choice, I will almost always choose to dine outdoors.

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Europe Part 3: Bon Anniversary

I promise I’ll get back to food blogging & recipes soon. I’ve got a few recipes up my sleeve to try this weekend, but until then, I’m going to continue to be an attention whore about my Europe trip.

Our second day in Paris was actually my 27th birthday. The day was perfect, despite waking up with an allergic reaction due to a foreign feminine hygiene product. Yeah. Not fun. But moving on…

We started our morning by hopping on the Metro & heading over to the Arc de Triomphe:

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