30 Meatless March Meal Ideas

First off, can you believe it’s March already? I really don’t know where time goes. It seems like just yesterday we were opening Christmas gifts and celebrating the New Year. Before I know it, it’ll be summer! Or at least I hope so…

Anyway, it’s also time for Meatless March! If you haven’t heard about it, Meatless March is a movement that encourages individuals to try a vegetarian way of life just for a month (or even just a week). It’s all about becoming more aware of daily nutrition and the way we eat.

While I’m not giving up meat completely (because really? I love bacon), I am focusing on integrating a lot more meatless meals into my life – specifically lunch and dinner. I think everyone should give it a try. A few meatless meals can’t hurt!

With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of awesome vegetarian recipes to add to your must-try list. Enjoy!

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Black Bean and Sweet Potato Enchilada Casserole

I know. I’m lobbying hard for this Fall-thing to happen. Pumpkin cookies yesterday. Sweet potatoes today. I’m really hoping my efforts aren’t like a Gretchen Wieners-esque attempt to make “fetch” happen. I just want cooler temperatures, y’all.

I also really want to sound coherent today. I’ve got this cold – sore throat, coughing, sneezing, headache… the whole nine yards. I’m practically mainlining Excedrine, cough syrup and Emergen-C. Needless to say, I’m totally rocking the medicine head thing. Oh, what fun.

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Seasons 52 Summer Menu

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Seasons 52 Summer Menu Launch. Every time I get an invite to one of these, I jump for joy because their food is incredible. I really love the concept – fresh, seasonal ingredients with entrees under 475 calories. How fantastic is that? Plus, I really love any event where I sit down & there’s five wine glasses in front of me. Wino, guilty as charged.

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Creamy Pesto Quinoa

I have a new friend, y’all.

His name is Billy the Basil. I picked him up over the weekend at Riverside Arts Market & I really hope I can treat him better than I’ve treated his kind in the past. You see, I pretty much have a black thumb. I’m not good with keeping plants alive. The beautiful gerber daisies I planted along the sidewalk at my old house died a very tragic death. I’m really hoping Billy will fair better since he’s indoors & right next to my kitchen sink. Surely that’ll be a visual reminder to water him, right?

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Honey Truffle Hummus


So I came home from work last night with a raging sinus headache & all I wanted in this world was honey garlic hummus from 13 Gypsies. My last visit to my favorite Jacksonville restaurant was a few months ago. My friend Steve & I gushed over the incredible honey garlic hummus the entire time. Because I didn’t have a date or reservation (oh & they’re closed on Mondays), I was stuck standing in front of my pantry feeling an overwhelming sense of longing.

That is, until I saw a can of chick peas & a bottle of supremely overpriced truffle oil I used to make mashed potatoes.

And the wheels started turning.

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Alphadog Grill

I had high hopes for Alphadog Grill, I really did.

I drive by the adorable bright yellow building on Park St. nearly every day & I always think to myself “I gotta try that place“. Alphadog Grill has a great outdoor seating area & a large variety of gourmet hot dogs (with a few vegan & vegetarian options as well). From a cursory glance at the drink menu, it appears as though they have decent happy hour specials too.

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