Raw Banana Bread Bites



Even before I started Whole30, I’d always been a bit of a Larabar addict. The simple ingredients and fantastic flavors made them one of my favorite snacks. The only problem is the cost – when you eat them all the time, they start to get a little expensive. Whenever Publix puts them on sale, I do a little dance and buy a ton of them.

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Parmesan Roasted Chickpeas

Football season is right around the corner (Thank you, Jesus). FSU kicks off in a mere 9 days & I’m so ready to cheer on my Noles. I’m also ready for some awesome football food. Nothing like great snacks to go along with great beer, pigskin & a FSU win. I’ve been told that my school spirit is “undying”. Why yes, that is very true. Garnet & gold for life, yo.

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Cookies & Cream Peanut Butter

I’m a creature of habit. My weekdays are all pretty much the same. I like routine & structure. It’s how I get things done. I get up at 6:39am (because it’s 21 to 7… Get it, Nole fans?). I let Kayne out & feed him, make coffee & get ready for work. I’m in the office from 8 to 5. Lunch at 12:30. Gym right after work. Usually a Publix stop on the way home, then shower, eat dinner & writing/editing. Bed sometime around 11.

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Honey Truffle Hummus


So I came home from work last night with a raging sinus headache & all I wanted in this world was honey garlic hummus from 13 Gypsies. My last visit to my favorite Jacksonville restaurant was a few months ago. My friend Steve & I gushed over the incredible honey garlic hummus the entire time. Because I didn’t have a date or reservation (oh & they’re closed on Mondays), I was stuck standing in front of my pantry feeling an overwhelming sense of longing.

That is, until I saw a can of chick peas & a bottle of supremely overpriced truffle oil I used to make mashed potatoes.

And the wheels started turning.

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Taco Ranch Hummus

I was driving to Publix on Sunday wracking my brain for something fun to make. I’ve been on a Mexican food kick lately… Especially tacos. I’ve also been eating a ton of hummus. You see where this is heading.

This hummus has a great hot after kick & would be delicious will cool, crisp veggies.

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