Wonton Pizza Cups

You know what sucks?

When you love cheese the way I do & you find out that dairy makes your skin go batshit crazy. I was lucky as a teen. I didn’t really have bad acne. My brother, on the otherhand, had to get put on meds for it. Little did I know I would get mine in my 20s. I mean, I didn’t have perfectly clear skin, but I never had worrisome skin either.

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Bacon Cheddar Corn Casserole

I couldn’t keep making sweet bacon treats. You knew there had to be something savory in here eventually. Plus, it wouldn’t be Bacon Week without some butter-laden, Southern dish to clog your arteries. Seriously, with the amount of butter I’ve gone through recently, I really should change my last name to “Deen”. Devon Deen. Nevermind. I don’t really like the sound of that.

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Creamy Pesto Quinoa

I have a new friend, y’all.

His name is Billy the Basil. I picked him up over the weekend at Riverside Arts Market & I really hope I can treat him better than I’ve treated his kind in the past. You see, I pretty much have a black thumb. I’m not good with keeping plants alive. The beautiful gerber daisies I planted along the sidewalk at my old house died a very tragic death. I’m really hoping Billy will fair better since he’s indoors & right next to my kitchen sink. Surely that’ll be a visual reminder to water him, right?

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Honey Truffle Hummus


So I came home from work last night with a raging sinus headache & all I wanted in this world was honey garlic hummus from 13 Gypsies. My last visit to my favorite Jacksonville restaurant was a few months ago. My friend Steve & I gushed over the incredible honey garlic hummus the entire time. Because I didn’t have a date or reservation (oh & they’re closed on Mondays), I was stuck standing in front of my pantry feeling an overwhelming sense of longing.

That is, until I saw a can of chick peas & a bottle of supremely overpriced truffle oil I used to make mashed potatoes.

And the wheels started turning.

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