County Line on the Lake

County Line on the Lake Menu

For the second act in my #NoBrisketLeftBehind tour of Austin, I visited County Line on the Lake. Actually, I was taken there by my wonderful colleagues in the branch I was visiting since it’s one of their favorite lunch spots. It was kind of funny to be like, “Hey guys, I know you don’t know this about me, but please don’t think I’m weird because I’m going to take pictures of my food and post it on the internet, k? K.”

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Guero’s Taco Bar

guero's taco bar
Last week I spent a couple of days in Austin, TX for work. Austin has been on my travel bucket list for YEARS! I’ve heard so many fantastically awesome things about it from so many people, and I just knew I would love it. I mean, what’s not to love about a place where BBQ and tacos are plentiful?! That’s my love language (well, a dialect of it anyway).

Practically as soon as we got off the plane and checked into the hotel, my co-worker and I made a beeline to this taco joint on Congress Avenue she’d had on a previous trip – Guero’s Taco Bar.

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I eat lunch at my desk a lot… like most days a week a lot. And contrary to popular belief, I don’t like every meal to be battered, deep-fried and wrapped with bacon, so I often find myself opting for salads and sandwiches at lunch. We all know that can get boring rather quickly, so I’m glad my office is surrounded by tons of options on both Southside and St Johns Town Center. While I’ve been aware of it’s presence since it opened, I hadn’t tried tossgreen yet. I’d either forget about it or wind up somewhere else, but it’s been on my to-try list for ages.


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Le Bar @ Bistro Aix


With all the new restaurant news floating around Jacksonville, did you know that Bistro Aix remodeled their bar area and private dining room? They finished it recently, and invited me to stop by to check it out. Last weekend, Austin and I took them up on their offer and enjoyed a nice date night. We were greeted by friendly bartenders and sipped on champagne while we looked over the menu. My favorite feature of the redesigned space was the unique chalkboard map wine menu:

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Taverna San Marco {+Giveaway!}

Taverna San Marco

Just wanted to take a few minutes to talk about a revamped lunch option in San Marco, kids – Taverna! After expanding and opening a private dining room and a revamped menu including quick casual lunch, the San Marco staple is ready to wow.

The wonderful people behind this spot invited me and some fellow Jacksonville food lovers to come in and try some of the new cocktails and menu offerings. Who am I to say no to that kind of offer?

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Moxie Kitchen & Cocktails

So let’s talk about the new kid in town, Moxie. This long awaited concept from Chef Tom Gray has been the buzz of the Jacksonville dining scene since Tom left Bistro Aix. I had the chance to give the new menu a try during their soft opening last weekend.

Moxie Menu

Yes, I left my little Riverside/Avondale bubble. Shocking, I know. Austin and I were in need of a date night, and Moxie’s soft opening was the perfect opportunity. I apologize in advance for the less than stellar pics. I wasn’t planning on doing a review, so I didn’t bring my camera. These are just some snaps with my phone.

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