5 Happy Thoughts for Thursday

Ever have one of those days that just starts off so insanely crappy? My dog had a seizure at 6 am, and that set the tone for my morning. I believe in the power of positive thinking and that happiness is a choice and blah blah blah. With that in mind, I told myself that no matter what, I was going to try to make this a good day.

So I put together a list of 5 Happy Thoughts for Thursday. These are the things that are making me smile and smiling releases endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t kill their husbands. Wait, what?

1) Did you hear about Mama Jade? When I first read her story, I cried my face off. How anyone could be so cruel to an animal is beyond me. But now she’s with some very loving people with access to proper veterinary care. Her second chance at life is beautiful, and I want to hug the people helping her. Knowing that there are still good people out there is great reason to smile.

2) Apparently I still look young enough to get carded at tailgates.


Last weekend at the Jaguars game tailgate, Ashley and I got carded. None of the guys got carded, just us. Gender profiling! Regardless, I will cry when I stop getting carded.

3) The weather! I’m starting to feel Fall in the air. It’s not a bazillion degrees, and I sometimes need a light jacket/sweater when I take Kayne outside in the morning. I even wore a cardigan for a little while during the tailgate (as evidenced above). I like it. Keep it coming, Mother Nature!

4) These two:


The love they have for each other makes my heart happy.

5) This guy:

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 11.54.49 AM

It’s his birthday next week, and he just has no idea what all I have up my sleeve. Mwhahaha. He’s going to kill me.


What’s making you happy this week?


A Year


I had a completely different post scheduled for today. It was supposed to be a fun glimpse at all the food I ate in Orlando at Universal over the weekend, but my mind is elsewhere this morning. I don’t often write about my personal life, but on occasion I just can’t help it. I remember in college I had these dreams of being a Carrie Bradshaw (like every other girl probably). Making money writing about my personal life? Pssh. Piece of cake. But really and truly, it’s not that easy to write about life. I don’t know who all reads this blog (and that sometimes makes me self-conscious), and I don’t like to publicize a lot of personal details. Sometimes its really hard to expose myself, but at the same time, the written word has always been my preferred method to express myself.

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Beyonce’s Missed Opportunity

I know. This has absolutely nothing to do with food, but it’s still something that got into my head and I had to write about it. In the real world, I work in social media. I pay a lot of attention to what’s going on in the world of Social Media and PR, and I find myself analyzing how a situation should’ve been handled versus how it was handled. I really saw this as a missed opportunity for greatness. And right now, I’m totally pulling the “It’s my blog! I can write what I want!”.

Over the past few days, I’ve seen numerous stories about Beyonce’s publicist wanting some unflattering photos removed from Buzzfeed from her Super Bowl Performance.

I’m not even going to pretend that if someone posted a photo like that of me on the Interwebz, I wouldn’t be freaking out and completely flipping my shit. I’d untag myself immediately, then obsess over it. I’d think to myself: “WHY DID I EVER THINK THAT FACE WAS A GOOD IDEA?!” I’d beat myself up over it (And I consider myself to have pretty decent self-esteem). I think most women would. Society has taught us that we have to appear perfect at all times.

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I leave for San Francisco in two days. TWO DAYS! Did I mention part of the trip includes a day in Sonoma? Wine tasting? Why yes, yes it does. I really want to visit Murphy-Goode, Rodney Strong, the Kendall Jackson Wine Center, & La Crema. Any other suggestions for me?

On that note, my dresser is currently covered with neat little pre-packing piles of outfits for the trip. I can be a little bit OCD when it comes to packing.

I totally love that someone googled “Matt Bomer unfair” to find my blog. It really is unfair that he’s playing for the other team, but goodness that man is gorgeous.

I had a drink with bourbon in it last night & I liked it. It was the bocce ball from Pele’s Wood Fire. I know, I go there all.the.time., but the food really is stellar… especially the smoked artichoke fonduta. Try it!

I skipped the gym this morning in favor of sleep. I just don’t feel like working out this week. Although I did have a pretty great 3-mile run in the rain last night & I’m starting to feel like my runmojo is returning.

I bought 50 Shades of Grey for my flight. Shut up. I know, I’m totally behind. Leave me alone.

Is it Friday yet?

5 Random Things About Me

Happy Friday! Are you as stoked that its Friday as I am? It’s been a long, busy week & my brain is pretty much fried. So here we go… 5 Random Things About Me!

1) I love Britney Spears way more than any 27-year-old adult woman should. I saw her in concert last summer & dressed as her for Halloween in college. Oh, & I still want her & Justin Timberlake to get back together.


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They say patience is a virtue. I call bullshit. Why can’t hurry up & let’s do this be a virtue?

You may or may not have noticed, but over the past few days, this blog has been up & down.

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