Photography Boot Camp Week XI: Your Daily Environment

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This week’s lesson isn’t exactly complicated. It’s all about creating a visual record of your day to tell a story. That’s all. It’s something bloggers are very familiar with, but I think very few do it well. I see so many flat, boring photos on blogs (mine included – which is why I started this journey) that don’t tell a story at all. So I decided to document my entire Saturday. Well, my Saturday starting just after I made my cup of coffee – I can’t accomplish anything before coffee. It just doesn’t happen.

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Photography Boot Camp Week X: Landscapes

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When I was in Europe last summer, I took approximately 5 million landscape photographs. Sadly, a lot of them sucked because my composition was terrible. Too much going on. Not enough focus. Now I want to go back to Europe since I’ve learned how to actually use my camera. I’m sure I’d love my pictures that much more.

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Photography Boot Camp Week IX: Portraits

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I have a love/hate relationship with portraits. I hate really posed photographs (think horrid senior pictures) for the most part. They just don’t work for me. But those amazing pictures that capture a perfect little moment in a portrait? Love them. Absolutely love.

I actually tend not to shoot people, in case you haven’t noticed. My niece & nephew tend to be the exception to that as they both are total hams for the camera. I may or may not have bribed them to eat a certain dish once by telling them I would take their picture eating it (it totally worked).

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Photography Boot Camp Week VIII: On the Go

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I know, I totally slacked off on this & I’m pretty sure everyone thinks I quit doing this. But I didn’t! I swear. It’s just been insane & hectic the past few weeks & unfortunately, this little project fell to the wayside. It’s not that I haven’t been working on my skills, because I totally have. I’ve been playing around a lot with my new lens & I learned a bunch in San Francisco. I will say, I think it helped tremendously to be shooting next to someone who knows his stuff. I mean, he could correct & teach me within the moment & see the things that I’m not doing or I don’t know. That is invaluable, in my opinion.

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Photography Boot Camp Week 7: Shooting Outdoors

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Hi there. I’m still confused from the mid-week holiday & I almost forgot to do my Photography lesson. Whoops!

This week’s lesson focused on shooting outdoors. If you’ve ever taken a picture outside in bright light, it can be tricky trying to get a good result. Often the photos end up with overexposed hot spots & harsh shadows, which isn’t visually appealing. I know that I’ve looked at photos & been really disappointed with how they looked. I always thought “But there’s so much light! They should look great!” Yeah. Not so much. This project has definitely taught me that not all light is created equal.

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