Happy Birthday, Liz + Nutella Boston Cream Cake

Today is my awesome friend Liz’s birthday!


Yay! I pink puffy heart Liz. She’s definitely the best work bestie ever. And because I love to bake (especially for my friends), I wanted to make Liz something special for her birthday. She’s constantly sending me recipes with Nutella to make for her, so of course her birthday cake needed to include it.

After some brainstorming, I decide that a Boston Cream Cake with a Nutella-based glaze was the way to go. And boy, it was a good idea.

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Nutella Marshmallow Bars

I don’t know about y’all, but I had an insanely productive weekend. I’m so proud of myself! I spent Saturday morning volunteering with the Pawfessionals at the Jacksonville Humane Society’s Mutt March.


I rearranged the furniture in my bedroom. I organized my closet. I cleaned. And cleaned. And cleaned some more. That’s what happens when I’m restless. I even ran a few miles. Yeah.

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Nutella Marshmallow Puffs

I’m all about easy lately. It’s just been so hot & doing anything laborious is just annoying. From what I understand, the rest of the country is starting to get all excited about leaves changing & scarves & boots, but I just can’t.

I did have a pumpkin spice latte yesterday though. I just couldn’t resist. Since I gave up dairy a few months ago, I’ve realized how many drinks at Starbucks taste better with soy milk versus skim milk. Best decision ever.

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Europe Part 4: Bon Voyage Paris & English Afternoon Tea

On our last night in Paris, Brandon & I decided to do something so incredibly us – Grab a bottle of vino, some McDonald’s & park our butts in front of the Eiffel Tower (seriously, I know I have an obsession. No need to point it out):

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