#fbzfest The Gala in Pictures

I realized I never recapped the DailyBuzz Food Blogger Festival Gala… which was pretty much the best part of the weekend. So here we go!

The gala was held at the California Academy of Science – an aquarium, planetarium, and natural science museum all rolled into one. Definitely an amazing event space, and I’d love to spend a day wandering around the place.

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#fbzfest Part II – Ferry Building Farmer’s Market

Day two of DailyBuzz Food Blogger Festival began at the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market. It was a foggy morning after a very late night, so I made a beeline straight to the breakfast sandwiches.


Seriously, I got a sandwich at the very first tent. It was that kind of morning. Bacon, gruyere and egg. I’m convinced that I ate an entire pig over the course of the weekend. There was a plethora of pork, and it all tasted so good.

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#fbzfest 2012 Part I

The DailyBuzz Food Blogger Festival is something I’ve wanted to attend since seeing it on blogs for the past few years. A bunch of like-minded, food-loving people all in my favorite city? Count me in.

Kristin, Jessica and I started our day at Tom Colicchio’s ‘wichcraft for breakfast.

The menu had a great “real food” vibe to it – salads, granola, paninis. Simple yet very satisfying stuff.

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