#fbzfest Part II – Ferry Building Farmer’s Market

Day two of DailyBuzz Food Blogger Festival began at the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market. It was a foggy morning after a very late night, so I made a beeline straight to the breakfast sandwiches.


Seriously, I got a sandwich at the very first tent. It was that kind of morning. Bacon, gruyere and egg. I’m convinced that I ate an entire pig over the course of the weekend. There was a plethora of pork, and it all tasted so good.

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#fbzfest 2012 Part I

The DailyBuzz Food Blogger Festival is something I’ve wanted to attend since seeing it on blogs for the past few years. A bunch of like-minded, food-loving people all in my favorite city? Count me in.

Kristin, Jessica and I started our day at Tom Colicchio’s ‘wichcraft for breakfast.

The menu had a great “real food” vibe to it – salads, granola, paninis. Simple yet very satisfying stuff.

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