Krispy Kreme Burgers

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.

Krispy Kreme Burgers

I have committed the ultimate betrayal against my cholesterol level: a Krispy Kreme burger.

Known to many as the “Luther Vandross,” this Southern delicacy is simply a cheeseburger with plain glazed donuts from Krispy Kreme as a bun (we added bacon because why not?). We’ve been talking about making these for months now, but there’s always been a reason we couldn’t do it or we’d just forget. It’s been a busy year!

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{Friday Faves} 5 Favorite Beers


Once upon a time, I didn’t like beer. I know, that’s a little hard to believe if you’ve ever seen my Instagram feed. I remember the first times sipping beer in high school thinking it was gross. Then somewhere in college, I started drinking Natty Light and other frat party swill and eventually, I grew up and started drinking real beer. Good beer.

With that in mind, this week’s edition of Friday Faves is focusing on some of my favorite beers. This definitely isn’t the end all, be all totally 100% definite list, but I find myself consistently loving and ordering these beers.

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Is That You, Fall?

Over the weekend, the cooler temperatures definitely had me convinced fall had arrived. I was able to do a long run at 10 am & not die of heat stroke, so I immediately started craving stew, pot roast, chili & all sorts of cooler weather comfort foods. I couldn’t decide what exactly I wanted to make until I saw some recipe cards from the Guinness Storehouse laying on my bedroom floor. In an instant, I knew I wanted to attempt the Storehouse’s Beef Stew with Mash:

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Europe Part 6: Stonehenge & the Bitter End

Missed the previous recaps? Check ‘em out:

Part 1: Dublin – Guinness, Guinness & more Guinness.

Part 2: Paris - Seine River Cruise, Adventures in French Cuisine, Creme Brulee

Part 3: Bon Anniversary - My birthday in Paris, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysses, the Louvre & Tiffany Pearl Earrings

Part 4: Bon Voyage Paris & English Afternoon Tea – McDonald’s & Wine in front of the Eiffel Tower & Afternoon Tea in London

Part 5: Wicked in Westminster – Wicked on London’s West End, Buckingham Palace, Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey

On our last full day in London, we scheduled a morning jaunt out to Stonehenge. We boarded a bus & rode for nearly two hours out into the English countryside to be greeted by one of the most amazing & mystical landmarks:

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