BREW 5 Points


Remember in high school when there was that mysterious new kid that was totally awesome and into all the coolest stuff and you immediately wanted to be their best friend?


BREW 5 Points is kind of like that kid. Craft beer + espresso + beer cocktails = I want to be your friend.


Did you know beer cocktails were a legitimate thing? I didn’t. I mean, I’ve had loaded Coronas (RIP my liver), but that’s just a quicker way to get wasty face when you’re on vacation. Just the other night, I was complaining to a friend that I wish there was caffeinated beer. But Brew 5 Points makes that a real thing. And I’m all about it.


I quickly popped in on Thursday during their Grand Opening since I was out and about. I grabbed a cold brew to go, and it was deliciously strong Bold Bean crack in a cup. Seriously… I’m not sure how it’s legal because it may have actually been rocket fuel (in the best way of course).


I was utterly charmed by the space, and I can’t wait to go back and enjoy all of it’s offerings.


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Devon Stiles


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