I eat lunch at my desk a lot… like most days a week a lot. And contrary to popular belief, I don’t like every meal to be battered, deep-fried and wrapped with bacon, so I often find myself opting for salads and sandwiches at lunch. We all know that can get boring rather quickly, so I’m glad my office is surrounded by tons of options on both Southside and St Johns Town Center. While I’ve been aware of it’s presence since it opened, I hadn’t tried tossgreen yet. I’d either forget about it or wind up somewhere else, but it’s been on my to-try list for ages.


I have no shame in my food game: I love me a good salad bar. Like Ruby Tuesday? I am totally down for that. I used to bitch and complain a lot that there really weren’t a lot of good salad options Downtown (there still aren’t, but alas…) I will say… the gross thing about salad bars is other people. Germs. Gross. Tossgreen is heaven for salad bar lovers like me – all the fixins without the general public putting their grimey hands on them.

tossgreen salads

While they have some pre-planned options on their menu, I opted for a Build-Your-Own because I love having everything but the kitchen sink (and tomatoes) in my salad. I started with a romaine base, added grilled chicken, topped it with carrots, black beans, edamame, and broccoli, then tossed it in their housemade champagne vinaigrette.

tossgreen southside

Then I headed back to the office and dug in.

Photo May 20, 12 19 45 PM


I think I’m in love, so I’m fairly certain tossgreen is going to become a new regular lunch spot for me!


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Devon Stiles


  1. I forgot about our shared distaste for salad tomatoes. <3 Ardmore has a salad-y place called sweetgreen that I've been meaning to check out!

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