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I’ve been such a spoiled food blogger lately.


All these great restaurants keep asking me to come in and eat their food. Life is hard. This time, I had the pleasure of tasting the menu at San Marco’s Bistro Aix.

Bistro Aix speaks my love language – the put a glass of champagne in front of me when I walked in. Bubbles make me happy.


I love that Bistro Aix wants to be the neighborhood kitchen of San Marco. While their food has an upscale feel, they’re going for a relaxed vibe where everyone is welcome to unwind and enjoy their dining experience.


Let’s cut straight to the chase – booze. Not only do they have a fantastic wine selection (over 250 selections available!), their signature cocktails are quite impressive.

The Aixoise is their twist on a traditional dirty martini.


The Mango-tini is a refreshing summer drink with Pearl Citrus Vodka, fresh mangoes, and a kiwi garnish.


Masterfully-made Florida Old Fashioneds with Kentucky bourbon, house-made peanut orgeat, Coke, and finished with salted peanuts.


True story: I didn’t know that putting peanuts in a Coke was a thing until Austin told me about it a few weeks ago. Also, I just realized that I had soda in that drink. Whoops.

And lastly, the San Marco cocktail.


This beautiful drink combines cucumber vodka, muddled blueberries, lemon juice, and a cucumber slice.

When I went to Bistro Aix back in February, I was a little disappointed that they were running a special Valentine’s Day menu that didn’t include the Blue Cheese Chips. Needless to say, I squealed with delight when they brought out this massive tray of them.


They didn’t disappoint in the least. The thick, handcut potato chips were sturdy enough for the stilton and bleu cheese. Yum.

Mussel Frites steamed in garlic, thyme and white wine:


And GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES with smoked tomato soup.


Next time I’m sick, I want someone to go get me one of these sandwiches and soups because I think it’d be an instant cure. Simple, yet so amazing.

Le Grande Cheeseburger sliders were good, but nothing too special.


Beautiful Truffled Parmesan Fries.


I love the gratuitous use of truffle oil throughout the menu. There is no such thing as too much truffle oil.

Of all the glorious food, my favorite was by far the Hand-Rolled Gnocchi and Braised Oxtail Ragout.


So tender, so flavorful, so delicious.


And a variety of their fantastic flatbread pizzas.


Huge hunks of mozzarella are never a bad decision.

Then there was dessert (and a show).



Bananas Foster!


It’s absolutely a must-have.

I think a lot of people were a little concerned when Chef Tom Gray left Bistro Aix to start his own restaurant, but believe me – it’s in very capable hands with Chef Zeke. The standard they’ve set for themselves is still high and the revamped menu absolutely hits the mark.

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Devon Stiles


  1. I hate you for dazzling my morning with all this delicious food!!! Just kidding, I love you even more. I’m seriously going to gain 10lbs when I finally visit you in Jacksonville!

  2. My alma mater! 😉 A piece of my heart will always live there. I love it! We’ll need a girls night at Aix too.

  3. I had to stop looking at the pictures, since I’m sitting here with a plastic cup of tapioca pudding and trying not to salivate. Those bleu cheese chips! Those grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup shooters! Want!

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