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On Monday, I had the pleasure of spending the day in my hometown, Tallahassee. A co-worker and I went to a career fair at FSU (Go Noles!) to meet with students and talk about the internships we have available. I was a little bummed out when Midtown Filling Station wasn’t open, so we headed down the street a few blocks to the new-ish seafood joint, The Front Porch.

The Front Porch is located in the old Chez Pierre spot. I’ve always loved that location – old house on a corner with beautiful oak trees. I spent most of the day in Tallahassee swooning over the trees. Man, I miss that place sometimes. Anyway, this is a food blog and I’m here to talk about food. So let’s go.

After the career fair, I was exhausted and famished – so I immediately ordered us some parmesan fries.


I kinda expected more from these but they were clearly freezer bag fries. I mean, they served their purpose, but chopping potatoes isn’t that hard. The pinot noir helped though.

Just in case you didn’t know this about me, I’m telling you now: I don’t like seafood. I know, how can I live in Florida and not like seafood? I’m an odd duck. Not the first time I’ve heard it, and I’ve accepted it. So I’m the girl who ordered a baby spinach salad with chicken at a seafood restaurant.


But holy crap was it good. The applewood-smoked bacon vinaigrette rocked my socks. Bacon! And gorgonzola! Yum!

The guys ordered fried oysters and pork belly:


And lobster cannelloni:


We were all pretty happy with our food, and all plates were cleaned. Additionally, the Front Porch had great happy hour specials, and looked like a fabulous place to grab a post-work drink in Midtown (even if you hate seafood like me).

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Devon Stiles


  1. Everything looks delicious! I’m always a little disappointed when fries are clearly freezer ones too.

    The interior is gorgeous too.

  2. The last time I was up in Tally this wasn’t open yet — I soooo want to go!! (although, I was sad to see that Chez Pierre closed). I worked at Crystal River Seafood for years and because of that I’m always wary of seafood in restaurants. I’d rather make it myself. This looks good though!

    • Filling Station has weird hours and only serves food on certain days. My friend’s friends own it, so I was bummed I didn’t get to eat there again 🙁

  3. I was sad to see Chez close also. Haven’t been to The Front Porch yet because it seems a little fancy for my after work happy hour. Unlike drinking on Friday nights at Chez. However, Nam works there so I am not surprised the food is amazing.

    • I actually had to get them to email me a copy of my receipt for my expense report and Nam is who sent it 🙂

      Oh and the happy hour prices were decent! 2-4-1 wells and house wine!

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