The Fox Restaurant


Avondale’s The Fox Restaurant is one of those places I’ve walked by a million times and always thought, “Man, I need to try that one.” I add it to my mental list, and it gets lost in a blackhole (this happens a lot with restaurants). I always seem to forget about it!

An impromptu Twitter breakfast led me there a few weekends ago. We got there early (think 8:30ish) and were immediately seated. I immediately liked that the options of the menu – it wasn’t just huge breakfast after huge breakfast like so many other places. Since I wasn’t in the mood for a lot of food, I ordered a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit.


Simple. Tasty. I approve. Sometimes you just need the basics. The biscuits were flaky and fresh. The bacon was crispy. The cheese was delicious melted cheddar. I was in my happy place.

My partners in breakfast crime ordered pancakes:


And a massive platter of sausage, eggs, cheese, grits, and toast:


The Fox is a classic breakfast spot that just does it right – nothing fancy. It’s just breakfast. And I got out of there for under $10, which is always a plus.

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Devon Stiles

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  1. There is something so perfect about breakfast at a relatively unassuming diner.

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