Publix Premium Cabernet Sauvignon – An Informal Experiment

A few months ago, when Emily alerted me that Publix was releasing their own brand of wine, I flipped my shit. I absolutely LOVE Publix and believe they can do no wrong (Buzzfeed agrees). I searched high and low for this wine. I utilized my Twitter contacts to try to find it. Finally, I harassed a one of the guys at my neighborhood store to track it down for me.


I was a little sticker-shocked when I got to the register and it was $24.99 a bottle. When I think of Publix-branded items, I think of them as excellent products fair prices (even for Premium items). With that in mind, spending more than my usual $10-15 for bottle of wine (unless I’m broke and grabbing some two buck chuck) was a bit of a splurge. Immediately, my expectations of this wine sky-rocketed. It’s Publix wine AND it’s $25 a bottle. It better be DAMN good.

After drinking the first bottle, I had a few thoughts that I decided to test out on my co-workers. So I hosted a wine tasting on a Friday afternoon at the office (What? That’s not normal? Weird.).


I brought in the Publix Premium Cabernet Sauvignon, and Liz generously brought in a bottle of Cupcake Cabernet Sauvignon ($12) and a bottle of Oak Leaf Caberenet Sauvignon ($3). I poured tastes of each wine into super classy little Dixie cups for tasting.


I alerted my co-workers that there was a $3 bottle of wine, a $12 bottle of wine, and a $25 bottle of wine. I asked them to tell me which wine was at each price point.


Every single one of them called out the Oakleaf wine for being cheap wine. But the determination between Cupcake and Publix is where it got tricky – the voting was split down the middle. Also, most of the tasters noted that there wasn’t a substantial difference in taste between the two bottles.

The point I set out to make is that Publix completely and totally missed their price-point when releasing their brand of wines. I think that it would have a lot of success in the $10-12 region as opposed to $25. I don’t know many people who regularly purchase a $20+ bottle of wine at the grocery store – much less a store brand of wine. I’m not saying that the wine isn’t good – I’m saying that I wouldn’t pay $25 for a bottle when a $12 bottle will taste as good.

Special thanks to:

Liz for bringing in wine

Aliera for taking pictures

Tim, Jeremy, Pat, Marc, Katie, David, and Kim for drinking my wine and participating in my antics.

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Devon Stiles


  1. Their price point is very disappointing. I am not willing to spend $25 on a bottle unless I know it its good. I would not just pick up a Publix brand wine to try at that price.

    • Exactly. $25 is pretty steep for the average consumer’s price point… especially when it comes to the Publix demographic. Marketing fail.

  2. You guys are so poor 25$ wine is like faked grape juice a 2000$ dollar wine is drinkable 3000+ is nice. I didnt even know u could buy wine for 2$ the cupcake thing WOW you can’t even buy grapae juice with that much money

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