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As I previously said, we went to Universal Studios in Orlando over the weekend. I hadn’t been to Universal since I went to Halloween Horror Nights years ago (for the record, I was over HHN about 35 seconds after we got there). Before that, I hadn’t been since I was a kid. Anyone else remember when Universal had the Nickelodeon area? I totally do. That was also when SNICK was the coolest and Clarissa was a fashion icon. But I digress.


Originally, the park was designed to look like the streets of major cities in the US – New York, Beverly Hills, and my most favoritest, San Francisco.


I really liked that theme a lot even though it seems like Universal is straying from it with newer zones like World Expo and Production Central. I hope they don’t eventually do away with those areas like they did to Nickelodeon (it’s now Blue Man Group).


We made our way through the park at a casual pace, riding rides along the way. We managed to get about halfway through the park in just under two hours.


Maybe it’s because we were there on a Monday, or maybe because Universal Studios isn’t as popular as Islands of Adventure, but we didn’t experience any wait times more than 45 minutes (and that was for the Despicable Me Minion Mayhem ride). Most rides were only a 10-15 minutes wait.


And of course, I was starving at that point, so we wandered into Finnegan’s for lunch… Which started with a Guinness.


When in Rome, right?

Finnegan’s menu consisted of traditional Irish pub fare, but I all I wanted was a big ol’ bacon cheeseburger.


So that’s what I got. And it was exactly what I needed – juicy, hot, and cooked medium well. The lettuce was cold and fresh. The bacon was crispy. The cheddar was…. melty? Yeah. It all worked for me.

Because I was in a food coma after stuffing my face with that burger, I ordered a Pot of Gold.


This coffee drink consisted of Grand Marnier, Kahlua, and Bailey’s and topped with whipped cream. Basically, it was heaven in a warm cup, and it definitely gave me the buzz I needed to get through the rest of the park.


All in all, we had a great time at Universal Studios Florida. While many of the rides seem a little dated, most of them were a lot of fun (except Twister. That was just dumb. And I got wet. For nothing). I loved how the Shrek 4D ride maintained the franchise’s signature wit while going on an adventure to save Fiona. My personal favorites were the Hollywood Rip Ride and Rockit Roller Coaster (I love roller coasters) and The Simpsons Ride (A must for fans of the series). Minion Mayem was enjoyable as well, but I think I would’ve liked it a lot more had I actually seen Despicable Me beforehand.
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Devon Stiles


  1. I’m glad you had fun!!

    a) the burger looks so good. jealous.
    b) I can’t believe you haven’t seen Despicable Me! You must!
    c) I hate HHN. and others like it. I don’t enjoy paying (a good amt of $ too) to have people scare me.

  2. I love Twister! Maybe that’s because Twister is one of my all time favorite movies. I hated the Simpsons… ugh, headache. Also, like you I was over HHN about 35 seconds after I walked through the gates last year. I think once is more than enough for a lifetime.

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