Christmas in Savannah


Despite living only two hours away, I had not been to Savannah since I was a kid (visiting the home of Juliette Gordon Low, of course). It’s often come up in discussions of weekend getaways, but the ideas hadn’t come to fruition. We knew we wanted a quick trip, and Groupon Getaways had a good deal for the Four Points by Sheraton in Savannah. I quickly booked it, and we made our Christmas escape.


If you’ve never been to the historical Southern city, the streets are lined with old mansions, massive oak trees, and parks every blocks. The sound of horse hooves clopping throughout the streets gives it a distinct charm.


Alright. I know why you’re actually here – for the food and beverages. So I’ll get on with it. Our first stop was at World of Beer, where we grabbed a flight and a few pints.


Then onto Wet Willies. I really don’t care if it was 50 degrees and December. I needed a Call a Cab ASAP.


And for dinner, we relied on OpenTable to help us find what was open during the Holidays. We made a reservation at 22 Square in the Andaz Hyatt.


Oxtail for him:


Pulled Pork Belly for Her:


The pulled pork with a corn cake had my name written all over it and it was pretty good. Not amazing, not terrible. I’m not going to sit here and say it was the best thing ever. I know I have a tendency to gloat about OMGamazing foods, and that’s because I genuinely feel that way about said food. But this? Was just good. That’s all.


We ended up grabbing a slice of cake to go because, well, it was Christmas Eve.

The next morning, breakfast was pretty slim pickins. We walked around town for a bit, hoping that at least Starbucks would be open, but no such luck. We relied heavily on Yelp and OpenTable, and breakfast was no exception. Eventually we found our way to Rocks on the River at the Bohemian Hotel where I ordered a Southern tradition – Biscuits & Gravy.


Sigh. I had such high hopes, but it completely missed the mark. All I could taste in the gravy was onion, and that completely destroyed the dish for me. The crispy potatoes were delicious though. Verdict? Overpriced brunch… But that’s what happens on Christmas morning.

And apparently I was too distracted by Christmas that I forgot to take any pictures for the rest of our trip. Whoops. It happens. As attached as I am to my phone and my camera, it’s actually a good sign that I’m having a great time when I forget to bring them out to document the experience. Distraction, my friends!

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Devon Stiles


  1. I’d love to take a trip up to Savannah for a weekend- I think it’d be so relaxing. And boo for being disappointed with Christmas breakfast but you’re right- not many choices that day in general.

  2. You should definitely go back on a non-holiday weekend. SO many delicious food places and fun bars. Clary’s is one of my favorites but if you want more than dinery type atmosphere J. Chirstopher’s is yummy. A MUST try is Moon River Brewery.. their food is awesome and very tasty beers. I love, love, love Savannah.

    • We actually went to Moon River Brewing Company for Christmas dinner! Although they were serving a limited menu, it was good (beer was great!). I want to go back so we can go to the Distillery cause Shawn is a huge fan.

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