Thank God the St. John’s Town Center has a wine bar again. Back in the day, I used to frequent The Grape when it was next to Kilwin’s, but for some reason, it always missed the mark. The wine selection was overpriced and not very impressive. The food was undersized and boring (except for the one steak and bleu cheese flatbread, but whatever). It was always kinda “meh”. I wanted it to be something it wasn’t… I think a lot of people did.

Well, let me introduce you to Ovinte. It’s what The Grape wishes it had been.


I had the pleasure of dining at Ovinte before Christmas during their soft opening. The chic, modern space had such an awesome vibe. Relaxed yet refined. We started out our meal with a meat and cheese platter – completely and totally divine. I highly suggested the gouda. From there, we ordered our entrees.

The Filet for him.


The filet was tender and flavorful – amazingly delicious, actually. (especially for a tapas restaurant). It was that kind of melt in your mouth that only comes from a fantastic cut of meat (and a bit of butter).

And 50/50 sliders for me.


Did I mention there were parmesan truffle fries? Yes. And they were scrumptious. Just what every truffle oil lover needs in his/her life. The sliders were tender and juicy. Very impressive.

Then there was dessert – S’mores of course.


Dark chocolate. SEA SALT. That’s all I really needed to know. Amazing.

I have high hopes for Ovinte. I was impressed by the soft opening, and I can’t wait to see what great things they bring to the Town Center. I look forward to afternoon mimosas after shopping and maybe a game of bocce ball out on their patio. Seriously – this place rocks, and I can’t wait to go again.
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Devon Stiles


  1. Lord, have mercy. That all looks A-MAZING.
    And now I want to try it. haha.
    What was with the flank steak?
    Oh yeah and now I want crispy french fries… whore. 😉

  2. I was wondering how it was, I can’t wait to try it now. Those s’mores look amazing!!

  3. OMG! i know the owner of Ovinte, he is chad munsey and he is awesome! he has been a long time family friend, i hope you all love the restaurant, btw the cheeseburger pizza, magnificent

    • Chad is great! He’s been so welcoming the times I’ve been into the restaurant. And Chef Ian is a genius!

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