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I was really excited when the new noodle bar Downtown, Pho, opened in the former Chew spot earlier this month. The space had been empty for a pretty long time, and I’m always happy when a new lunch option opens up in Riverside or Downtown.


I love noodles. Love. I love bean sprouts. I love Asian food. Therefore, I think I had some pretty high expectations for Pho.


I loved that the menu gives options to build-your-own pho bowls, along with some different choices like p Pho and duck noodle soup. Side note: I’ve never eaten oxtail. It kinda freaks me out. Anyone care to talk me off this crazytrain?

Ashley chose to build her own pho with meatballs, flank steak and brisket.


Meanwhile, I went in a completely different direction and ordered chicken pad thai.


What? I’d been craving it for weeks and as soon as I saw it on the menu, I had to have it. I’m glad I ordered it because it was excellent. Like I said, love noodles, love bean sprouts, LOVE Asian food. You really can’t go wrong with pad thai. I chose mine with a medium about of heat, but I think I could’ve gone a little hotter. I like my pad thai with a kick.

Unfortunately, the service was really lacking. It was just extremely slow. Slow to bring us drinks, slow to check on us, slow to deliver checks. Actually… We never even saw our checks. We were running out of time so we both just laid our cards on the table to signal the server that we were done. She grabbed our cards and came back several minutes later with slips to sign. We also had multiple different severs come to our table during our lunch. Maybe they just need better organization of duties and server sections. 

On a more positive note, I did hear from others that the service was perfectly fine that day. Maybe we just had bad luck.

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Devon Stiles


  1. Oxtail is yummy! You have to ignore what the name is and just appreciate the super rich and tender meat. For real. Trust. 😉

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