Lola’s Burrito Joint

Lola’s Burrito Joint is one of the latest spots to open in the Post/Park/King street area of Riverside. Owned by the same people as the fabulous Carmine’s Pie House, I had pretty high hopes for Lola’s… especially now that it looks like Tacolu won’t be coming to the neighborhood :(

I was pleased to see Lola’s supporting local beers by having great happy hour specials for Bold City. $2.47 for a Killer Whale pint? Fantastic. I feel that one of the true tests of any Mexican-type restaurant is it’s queso, so we started out with it.

Always a good sign when the queso comes out warm. I hate cold queso. I really liked the consistency as well – thick with a little kick of spice. All too often queso is served too hot & too runny. This was not the case.

After combing through the extensive menu of tacos, quesadillas, burritos, empanadas & other traditional entrees, I decided that a carnitas taco was necessary. Now here’s where the visit went bad: when ordering, I asked our waiter about the sauce that came on the taco. Instead of providing a frame of reference (“Oh, its like _____ sauce”), he offered to get me some. Because I found that to be unnecessary during the ordering experience, I declined. Unfortunately, he was unable to describe the sauce to me because he had no idea what it was. I asked if it was comparable to an enchilada sauce & he enthusiastically confirmed.

Does that look like enchilada sauce to you? Yeah. It didn’t taste like it either. Was it bad? No, not at all, but it wasn’t what I was expecting due to the server’s misrepresentation. Unfortunately, he didn’t know his product & that’s a problem.

But you know what completely made up for the server faux pas?

Empanadas. Crispy, flaky crust served warm & stuffed with flavorful fillings (one was sweet potato & black bean, the other was traditional ground beef)… Heavenly.

Overall, the food at Lola’s is excellent. I’m hoping that the service issue was a fluke. I’d love to hear from anyone else that’s given Lola’s a try & see what they’ve experienced.

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2 thoughts on “Lola’s Burrito Joint

  1. I, too, hate runny or cold queso. Ruins the whole point of queso and chips.

    But omg that empanada looks a-mazing! Yummmmmmm.

    Bad service is always a disappointment when the food is good bc it feels like the restaurant could be SOOOO much more if the service were just a little better.

    ps: the plates are super pretty though!

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