Healdsburg Bar & Grill

When I was in Sonoma a few weeks ago, Jonathan & I grubbed out at Healdsburg Bar & Grill after a long day of sipping delicious wine. I know, we have a seriously rough life. You guys know I love Healdsburg. Love. I exclaimed my affections for this adorable little town before.

Nestled in the heart of Healdsburg, among all the fabulous tasting rooms, lies this gem of a spot. We looked at a restaurant or two before we ultimately decided on this one. I liked that it had a decent variety on its menu & the prices weren’t outrageous. I also really loved the fantastic dining patio at Healdsburg Bar & Grill because if given a choice, I will almost always choose to dine outdoors.

But you know what’s better? The fact that they didn’t charge a corking fee. We opted to open the Hawkeye Mountain Cabernet I bought at Kendall Jackson.

Dusty cab, I love you.

We started out our meal with the chorizo corn dog bites.

I know they look like hush puppies, but the cornbread batter surrounded a juicy piece of chorizo. The ranch dipping sauce was an amazing complement to these awesome nuggets of joy.

Then we moved on to the crispy buttermilk battered buffalo wings.

That’s when I died & went to buffalo wing heaven. Buttermilk makes everything better.

A man after my own heart, y’all…

He even photographs his food (please note that we both shot this meal with the same lens… a Nikon 35mm f/1.8aka the love of my photography life).

Moving on…

Then there was mac & cheese.

Because.. well.. It’s mac & cheese. How could I NOT order it?! There really was no debate whatsoever on this one. Although, while I always love mac & cheese that has breadcrumbs, I was slightly disappointed with this one. I love a really creamy mac, but this had a slightly gritty texture. It wasn’t bad… Just not my particular taste. I did like the greens served on the side. They were tossed in an olive oil & citrus dressing that was very light & paired nicely with the heavy mac & cheese.

Then there was the whole reason we ended up at Healdsburg Bar & Grill. All day… all I wanted was pulled pork. It’s all I could think about. In my mind… red wine & pulled pork are BFFs. That’s totally normal, right?

DID I MENTION IT HAD FRIED ONION STRAWS? No? Well, it did. & it was delicious & satisfied my every single craving. Although, I do love sweet, Southern BBQ sauce a little more than that spicier, California stuff.

Overall, I really loved Healdsburg Bar & Grill. The laid-back atmosphere was great. It was relaxed but still delicious. I can’t wait to go back
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Devon Stiles


  1. I want pretty much everything pictured. Chorizo hushpuppies sound like pure brilliance.

    I love dining outside if it’s not FL. lol. Because GOD I hate humidity.

    • YES! Florida humidity KILLS ME! It was really hot in Healdsburg… but it didn’t feel that bad because they don’t have our humidity.

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