III Forks Bar Bites

I have a new favorite happy hour spot, y’all. I know. Most people go to III Forks for the awesome steaks & memorable dinners, but I’m telling you – Happy Hour is where it’s at.

A lot of places have great drink specials. What they don’t necessarily have is great food. A girl can only eat crappy bar food so much before she just wants something better with her happy hour. III Forks is swanky. It’s sexy. It has beautiful rooms filled with bottles & bottles of delicious wine.

And it has great food.

III Forks recently relaunched their “Bar Bites” menu & I had the pleasure of tasting all of the offerings. Items on the menu range from $6.95 to $19.95 – totally affordable for a great happy hour.

Blue Cheese Taro Chips were the star of the show.

I didn’t want to share these. I could’ve easily eaten an entire bowl by myself. I just might have plans to do that in the near future. The chips were slightly sweet & had a hint of cayenne pepper.

Wedge Salad Wraps

Loved them! I mean, it makes salad a finger food. Fantastic!

Duck & waffles, yo.

With creme fraiche, port wine cherries & pistachios, just in case you were wondering.

The Prime Burger

French Dip Sandwich

Artisanal Cheese Plate

I love the III Forks uses locally produced cheeses for their platters. So tasty!

Steak Tartar

I definitely stepped outside of my comfort zone by trying the Steak Tartar. It was good, but different. Not sure raw meat is really my thing.

If you’re so inclined, fantastic desserts are also on the menu.


That bread pudding is to die for (& I’m not even a big bread pudding fan).

& there you have it – my new favorite happy hour spot with legitimately really good food. Win.

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Devon Stiles


  1. You mean there’s a happy hour somewhere whose menu surpasses unidentifiable deep fried nuggets of cheese/meat/potato/what-have-you?! Sold! 🙂 (And luckily, we have a III Forks close by.} We’ve never tried it but we may have to now!

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