Bongos Cuban Cafe

While in Orlando a couple of weeks ago, I also gave Gloria Estefan’s Bongos Cuban Cafe in Downtown Disney a try. Or rather, Stephanie made us reservations & said we were going. Cool with me. Being the one to always pick the restaurant gets old, so its nice to have someone else do the picking for you.

Naturally, since it was a Cuban restaurant, I had to start out with a mojito:


I may or may not have a mojito problem. I love the subtle sweetness, the hint of mint & the refreshing lime. To me, a good handmade mojito is the perfect summer drink. This mojito was miles above the one I’d had earlier at the pool.

We started out our meal with an order of Traditional Ham Croquettes:


I was kind of surprised at the lack of flavor in the croquettes.  I tend to think of Cuban food as very flavorful (but in a not overwhelming way), but these were sort of bland. Not bad, but not bursting with flavor either.

For my main entrée, I opted for the Grilled Chicken Breast with black beans, rice & fried sweet plantains:


Don’t let the look of the chicken fool you. I was a little concerned when it was sat down in front of me. It looked tough & bland. When I took a bite, I was really surprised at the moisture & tenderness of the chicken. The black beans & rice was exquisitely seasoned & although I’m not a huge fan of fried plantains, they were still pretty tasty.

Stephanie ordered the Cuban Style Skirt Steak:


I stole a bite off of her plate & it was un-freakin-real good. Tender, juicy, amazingly delicious. Next time? I’m totally ordering that. The chicken was good, but hot damn that skirt steak was fabulous.

Since it was vacation, we had to order dessert:


The rice pudding was cold & creamy, but needed to sit for a bit longer to be considered excellent.

I will say, the service at Bongos was excellent. Our waiter was friendly & knowledgeable. Maybe even a bit flirtacious… But in a good way. Definitely a must-try at Downtown Disney.

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Devon Stiles


  1. I’m a mojito fanatic as well! If it’s on the menu, I HAVE to have it. I love when they use real sugar cane too! So tasty! By far the best mojito I ever had was a coconut mojito at the Wynn pool in Vegas. I still have dreams about it.

  2. I completely agree about mojitos being the perfect summer drink. I either want a mojito or a beer when it’s super hot. Nothing else really hits the spot.
    Also, I love Cuban food. Looks great!

  3. I loooooove Cuban food. It may or may not be A reason I married my Cubano. haha. 😉 His family always cooks yummy foods!

    Adrian can make the most amazing mojitos ever bc he’s very picky about them himself haha. The other place (for those in or traveling to Orlando) is downtown at Corona Cigar Bar. Theirs are amazing.

  4. I went to Bongo’s last year. I had the same skirt steak w/ the chimichuri sauce. I was excellent. I do agree about the mojito. My favorite would be at The Columbia in St. Augustine on St. George Street. Have you tried that one? It’s made table side in a single glass or pitcher.

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