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While I tend to avoid reviewing chains, I had the opportunity to taste a bunch of new sandwiches & menu items at Dunkin’ Donuts recently. I was a little bummed upon arrival to find out they’d done away with the flatbread sandwiches, & these new sandwiches were their replacements. I was a huge fan of the Turkey Egg White Flatbread, so these guys had some pretty big shoes to fill.

I started out with the Iced Vanilla Latte Lite – my go to DD drink:

Consistently delicious, that latte.

The first two sandwiches I tried were the Ham & Cheese Bakery Sandwich:

& the Turkey Cheddar Bacon Bakery Sandwich:

I loved the white cheddar on both, but I wasn’t too crazy about the roll as it was a little too on the hard side for my taste. The Ham & Cheddar had a nice Dijon sauce giving it a kick of flavor. The chipotle sauce on the Turkey Cheddar Bacon was a little on the spicy side, but I’m happy with bacon anything.

Next I gave the new Angus Steak & Egg Sandwich:

Overall, I liked it. The Angus steak was very sausage-like both in flavor & texture. I didn’t really taste much of the onion bagel, so I feel like that was a failed flavor opportunity. With a little tweaking, this sandwich could be awesome.

Then the bagels showed up.

I immediately gravitated towards the new Artisan Pumpernickel Bagel with Reduced Fat Artichoke Spinach Cream Cheese:


Considering I’m the kind of person that loves ordering spinach artichoke dip at restaurants, I loved this cream cheese. The pumpernickel bagel was good, but I feel a twinge of disappointment every time I eat a bagel outside of New York City. First world problems, I know.


But the star of the show was by far the Chocolate Cherry Donut:

I’m typically a “Get your fruit out of my baked goods” kinda girl, but holy crap… This bad boy was good. It took all my willpower not to inhale all of them. The rich chocolate cake donut had a significant yet not overpowering cherry flavor. It was just that good. I’m craving one now just writing about it.

Overall, I think Dunkin’ Donuts is taking a step in the right direction to expand their menu. I just wish the food tasted fresher. Unfortunately, they still suffer from that overly processed, fast food taste. As we see society gravitating towards more locally grown & fresher foods, this is something that Dunkin’ Donuts & other chains need to address. Currently, they do bake their breads & bakery items in local kitchens & some stores even have their own kitchens to bake. Like I said, step in the right direction.

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Devon Stiles


  1. I must put one of those chocolate cherry donuts on my ass…I mean EAT one, I must EAT one soon. YUM. Sucks about the flat bread, loved those.

    • Yep… That’s exactly where those donuts go – to your ass! But seriously, it was SO good.

  2. The sandwiches look delicious but I could see where if the rolls were hard, they’d be a little tough to eat since they’re thicker than flatbread. I’m still interesting to try one myself sometime though!

    • I was so sad when they said they were getting rid of the flatbreads. Apparently its because Southerners don’t “get” flatbreads…. umm…. okay?

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