Zodiac Grill

Situated on Adams Street downtown is a total gem Mediterranean spot called Zodiac Grill. I met Ashley there for lunch last week after she sang its praises on multiple occasions. The menu offers up traditional Mediterranean fare such as stuffed grape leaves, lamb kabob, and gyros as well as some American-deli style dishes like the buffalo chicken wrap & the philly cheesesteakĀ hoagie. There is also a lunch buffet featuring hummus, tabouli, pita, greek salad, pita, meatloaf, etc.

I believe the true test of any Mediterranean restaurant is it’s falafel, so of course I had to start there:

The bite-sized falafel balls were crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside & perfectly seasoned. I felt like they didn’t even need the tzatziki because they were so moist, which is so rare to find. & because I’m trying really hard to get into smaller jeans, I paired it with a side salad:

Can’t really go wrong there – fresh, crisp lettuce & veggies. Ashley chose another ass-friendly option, the Low Carb Chicken Plate, which looked delicious:

Based on her reaction, I think its safe to assume it tasted as good as it looked. The service was great. The pita was soft & warm (totally important factor). I loved that they served water with lime & not lemon. It’s the little things.

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