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Hi, my name is Devon & I hate sushi.

Or at least I thought I did. Well, I hated the traditional concept of sushi. I’d tried it multiple times & pretty much thought I was going to gag every time. Fish freaks me out, yo. Maybe it’s because I grew up in land locked Kansas, who knows. I just don’t particularly care for fish or seafood. Picky, picky… I know.

But then I was introduced to the new custom sushi shop in Tinseltown, How Do You Roll:

As part of their Grand Opening Celebration this past Saturday, they were having a Buy One Get One Free promotion on their rolls. Stephanie wanted to go & conned me into giving it a try by offering up her free roll (such a good friend).  On our way, I specifically remember saying to her, “If I hate this, I’m getting fro yo from Yobe next door”. Then I walked in & took a quick look at the menu. Wait… I can have sushi with chicken in it? No fish? Really? I totally think I can do this. My concept of sushi was forever changed from that moment.

What I loved about How Do You Roll was their concept of a sushi assembly line:

  1. You start by choosing your wrap – I went with the Modern soy wrap
  2. Then pick your rice – Loved the sticky brown rice
  3. Stuff it with your veggies – I chose cream cheese, spinach & green onion
  4. Pack it with Protein – Keep your fish.. Chicken for me!
  5. Top it off – a drizzle of teriyaki thank you very much
The final product? This beautiful plate of sushi that I’ll actually eat:

Not going to lie… I was a little hesitant to take my first bite. All the memories of choking down & gagging on pieces of sushi in the past were filling my head & I was slightly apprehensive. Yes, I’m a little on the dramatic side. But I was emotionally scarred when it came to sushi. This was scary. But I stuffed a roll in my mouth & quickly discovered I loved it.

Stephanie opted for Modern soy wrap, brown rice, cream cheese, cucumbers, green onions, & salmon topped with teriyaki:

We also split some edamame:

The food was incredibly fresh. The place was spotless & the service was excellent. The first time they made my roll, it rapidly fell apart. Before I even had a chance to notice, they were already making me a new one. That’s good service, in my opinion. Can’t wait to go back!

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